News / 1. Oktober 2018


After a while ago to say goodbye to our old Rainbow Six team, E’DRAGONS applied for a new Rainbow Six team. This line-up has been playing for a while in this regard and has developed rapidly to a higher level with fun and dreams.

This is the time for E’DRAGONS to take up the challenge for coaching this team to an International Rainbow Six level. The team which consists of a fully International line-up has a good prospect with some competitions named the SLS, CCS and ESL Major Series which starts soon.


Statement Katharina ‘’chakaaa’’ Berninger:


E’DRAGONS has the goal of becoming one of the strongest eSports organization within Europe. With this line-up we believe that stability and support are two main ingredients that should be provided by an organization. We will try to give this team an experienced view through professional coaching during the future cooperation.

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